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  • Mantequilla
    Mantequilla22 timmar sedan

    Please more gaming footage! 🥸

  • Muhammad Khalid
    Muhammad Khalid22 timmar sedan

    Really want one @Muhammad_k99

  • Aljo
    Aljo22 timmar sedan

    @aoaaXVIII Hoping🤞

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh22 timmar sedan

    Big fan sir ❤️🔥. Love from India ❤️ Handle- @Mandeep30801728

  • aakash kukkar
    aakash kukkar22 timmar sedan

    @aakashkukkar here thanks Lew its always pleasure to watch your videos keep up!

  • DjBlizz Z
    DjBlizz Z22 timmar sedan

    Already following you for more best content hope I get a chance to win this incredible device.

  • Mehdi Kamyar
    Mehdi Kamyar22 timmar sedan

    tw: @MehdiKamyar1

  • Mc Mhiel Dela Cruz
    Mc Mhiel Dela Cruz22 timmar sedan

    @cruz_mhiel Im a fan of your videos and products of realme so pls pick me I need a better phone for my School in here Philippines thank you🇵🇭♥️

  • Mowtasim Mayan
    Mowtasim Mayan22 timmar sedan

    Das a nice phone :) @JustMowtasim

  • vijay ozarkar
    vijay ozarkar22 timmar sedan

    TW: @OzarkarVijay

  • S4F1 A-M
    S4F1 A-M22 timmar sedan


  • Hazel Selorio
    Hazel Selorio22 timmar sedan

    @HazelJoshsey been watching your videos for a year ❤️

  • Enock Catalan
    Enock Catalan22 timmar sedan

    @Richard35461682 give it to me fam

  • Aalok Pathak
    Aalok Pathak22 timmar sedan

    Amazing [email protected]

  • Francis mwangi
    Francis mwangi22 timmar sedan

    Send these old iphone 8 to one of your african fans man its a dream over here man. @kikskimangoto

  • Pictacious
    Pictacious22 timmar sedan

    @pictacious This gimbel will work fine with my 2017 galaxy j7😃

  • Matty Woo
    Matty Woo22 timmar sedan


  • John Moore V
    John Moore V22 timmar sedan

    WarChief5150. That is a impressive table with hidden secret compartments. Would be greatly needed in my work and gaming.

  • HasNain ALi
    HasNain ALi22 timmar sedan


  • Noob Csr
    Noob Csr22 timmar sedan

    Tw : noobcsr2

  • dodje
    dodje22 timmar sedan

    I own a pretty bad desk right which is attached to the wall 😂 @plangentskrrr

  • Nickz Zheng
    Nickz Zheng22 timmar sedan

    Tw : Nickz_TW

  • Nickz Zheng
    Nickz Zheng22 timmar sedan

    Tw : Nickz_TW

  • dodje
    dodje22 timmar sedan


  • Daniel Voinea
    Daniel Voinea22 timmar sedan

    Awesome desk, send it here, thanks! :D

  • Nickz Zheng
    Nickz Zheng22 timmar sedan

    Tw : Nickz_TW

  • dasaM_K
    dasaM_K22 timmar sedan


  • Pictacious
    Pictacious22 timmar sedan

    Love how much power they have put in this product. Twitter: pictacious

  • Noob Csr
    Noob Csr22 timmar sedan

    Yeah but they are very slow in updating their os I have the realme x2 pro and i still havent got android 11

  • Jeffrey Witty
    Jeffrey Witty22 timmar sedan

    Twitter: @JeffWittyArt

  • Arnold Sy
    Arnold Sy22 timmar sedan

    Hoping me givinge a chance to win that realme tweeter acc @arnoldsy tnx unbox theraphy

  • John Moore V
    John Moore V22 timmar sedan

    John Moore V aka WarChief5150. I was very impressed with the possibility of this table setup. Hope to win since I really need one for work and gaming.

  • Сергей Спицын
    Сергей Спицын22 timmar sedan

    What a desk!

  • Muhammad Hanzala
    Muhammad Hanzala22 timmar sedan

    My whole laptop setup is on my Dinning table. So, yeah i would be lucky if i get this table. @Mohamma03677909

  • Faris Selman
    Faris Selman22 timmar sedan


  • OverDose Gaming
    OverDose Gaming22 timmar sedan

    @Nerdy0Gamer Defiantly need this in my life! my desk I found on the side of the street LOL!

  • kevinmade
    kevinmade22 timmar sedan

    tw: kevinmade

  • Umang Vatsal Tyagi
    Umang Vatsal Tyagi22 timmar sedan

    Twitter - beingshoonya

  • Weng Keat L
    Weng Keat L22 timmar sedan

    Tw: @WengKeat_

  • Gamer Stark
    Gamer Stark22 timmar sedan

    Tw : @suhail_kider

    NAMAE22 timmar sedan

    tw: @neilcanaya28

    NAMAE22 timmar sedan

    Baka mapili baka sakali

  • shyamal dogra
    shyamal dogra22 timmar sedan

    @dograshyamal 🙋🏻🤪😍

  • Suhail Kider
    Suhail Kider22 timmar sedan

    Tw : @suhail_kider

  • Parth Singh
    Parth Singh22 timmar sedan


  • Anthony Grassa
    Anthony Grassa22 timmar sedan


  • Somesh jain
    Somesh jain22 timmar sedan


  • M.imran Akbar Ali
    M.imran Akbar Ali22 timmar sedan

    You reviews amazing and real

  • Patrick Solomon
    Patrick Solomon22 timmar sedan

    @LooordSol lets goooo

  • M.imran Akbar Ali
    M.imran Akbar Ali22 timmar sedan

    I Wana video calling with u

  • Shaun Mertalla
    Shaun Mertalla22 timmar sedan


  • Jaime Clavaguera
    Jaime Clavaguera22 timmar sedan

    Bravo , bravo ! Well said , Yes Sir ! Greetings from Spain.

  • Rhenz Fernandez
    Rhenz Fernandez22 timmar sedan

    tw: @rhnznthaniel

  • Raj Tanna
    Raj Tanna22 timmar sedan

    Tw :- @RajTanna2001

  • Luka Henkelmann
    Luka Henkelmann22 timmar sedan

    The table tables all talbles. I want to be this table.

  • Mestva
    Mestva22 timmar sedan


  • Philip Nelson
    Philip Nelson22 timmar sedan

    Snazzy @_philNelson

  • Abdul Haseeb
    Abdul Haseeb22 timmar sedan

    Best charger i have ever seen

  • New York Lions Kite Club
    New York Lions Kite Club23 timmar sedan

    @danish6768 😆🤣😂

  • Pictacious
    Pictacious23 timmar sedan

    Twitter: pictacious

  • Rukhsar Ahmad
    Rukhsar Ahmad23 timmar sedan


  • Noiceee
    Noiceee23 timmar sedan


  • Romuel Masilang
    Romuel Masilang23 timmar sedan


  • Gerald dela Cruz
    Gerald dela Cruz23 timmar sedan

    Twitter: @grayram

  • Bedanta Roy
    Bedanta Roy23 timmar sedan

    08:08 Take the shot by Sam Newton . Thank me later

  • Thato Digoamaje
    Thato Digoamaje23 timmar sedan

    RT_the_lll, this table is just chefs kiss*

  • TFal
    TFal23 timmar sedan


  • Dani_Manson
    Dani_Manson23 timmar sedan

    They literally thought of EVERYTHING! Stunning piece of kit, would love one of these. @TheDani_Manson

  • CyCCad
    CyCCad23 timmar sedan

    i love this desk! i would love to have one for my new setup!

  • CyCCad
    CyCCad23 timmar sedan

    My twitter handle is @CyCCad

  • Coby Benjamin
    Coby Benjamin23 timmar sedan

    @coby_benjamin Let me winnnn

  • Shanzo Niniku
    Shanzo Niniku23 timmar sedan

    Tw: @JuDas35173164

  • Tykaru Lobano
    Tykaru Lobano23 timmar sedan

    Ngl i was looking at my hoodie thinking this might not be a me thing unless I wear a super light fabric one... Glad to see I'm wrong

  • Web Master
    Web Master23 timmar sedan

    Tw : suhail_kider

  • Dan Ash
    Dan Ash23 timmar sedan


  • ndaisi kwinga
    ndaisi kwinga23 timmar sedan

    @daiqueen2014 Twitter handle

  • Rugilė Šupšinskaitė
    Rugilė Šupšinskaitė23 timmar sedan

    Well people dont have enough money to buy iphone 12pro max 512gb. 1629€ costs phone....So im gonna buy se 2020 i will save up my money for 2-3 years and then i will buy the iphone 12....So can u not judge all phones??????

  • louis _526_
    louis _526_23 timmar sedan


  • Ghost of Sparta
    Ghost of Sparta23 timmar sedan

    dare to win

  • Musa Thomas
    Musa Thomas23 timmar sedan


  • Harshit Chauhan
    Harshit Chauhan23 timmar sedan

    This phone is amazing as far as the price is concerned as it has a SD888 in it. My twitter Handle -- @Harshit98803630

  • _sSISs_
    _sSISs_23 timmar sedan