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  • Sandra Butt
    Sandra ButtTimme sedan

    All thanks and appreciation to cyberhacksypnet on Instagram for helping me unlock my icloud. And also thanks to those that recommended me to him,you guys are the best

  • Irving J. Irizarry Vicenty
    Irving J. Irizarry VicentyTimme sedan

    I want that desk, choose me! - @irizarryirving

  • Turki Al-Ghadeer
    Turki Al-Ghadeer2 timmar sedan

    Hope I win @turkidossary

  • Kartikey Mohan Mishra
    Kartikey Mohan Mishra2 timmar sedan

    Mid-range OnePlus phones are always exciting @km2_photography

  • Mail Iban
    Mail Iban2 timmar sedan

    Which US phone companies do you work with?

  • Kartikey Mohan Mishra
    Kartikey Mohan Mishra2 timmar sedan

    Mid-range OnePlus phones are always exciting . @km2_photography

  • Andrew Correa
    Andrew Correa2 timmar sedan

    Your eyes don’t fool you like hands 🙌 do damn hands 🙌

  • Ernie H
    Ernie H2 timmar sedan

    ya...great video...my next car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Correa
    Andrew Correa2 timmar sedan

    You just got covid hahah

  • Stroberi
    Stroberi2 timmar sedan

    They really nailed that Blue Haze color. It looks amazing! @Fyloop_

  • The Man Who Laugh
    The Man Who Laugh2 timmar sedan


  • Michael Chua
    Michael Chua2 timmar sedan

    They didnt even clean it????

  • Martin Harseim
    Martin Harseim2 timmar sedan


  • Banele Romeo Biyela
    Banele Romeo Biyela2 timmar sedan


  • Mohammed Amer
    Mohammed Amer2 timmar sedan

    Beggar iphone removed everything.... Finally NANGA NAHAEGA KYA NICHODEGA KYA...

  • Animal Disco
    Animal Disco2 timmar sedan

    it's so ugly

  • Jhonni Note10
    Jhonni Note102 timmar sedan

    Maaaaaaan, what's the music in the background at the beginning of the video? Like it☺

  • Nichen Fauster
    Nichen Fauster2 timmar sedan

    cheesy, distracting heap of crap

  • Jos
    Jos2 timmar sedan

    You still have one of these?

  • Madeleine Louise Acuña
    Madeleine Louise Acuña3 timmar sedan

    🔥🔥 @ayeniepie

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon3 timmar sedan

    Rechargeable, removable batteries would also be great. Back to the drawing board

  • Tenen Kaba
    Tenen Kaba3 timmar sedan


  • Dylan Tingley
    Dylan Tingley3 timmar sedan

    oooh this is tense! @TingleyDylan

    MARIO MOORE3 timmar sedan

    I dig these... they're only 99$ right now...

  • Jordan SunderMan
    Jordan SunderMan3 timmar sedan

    Does this do 4k 120hz for PS5 and XBX?

  • sinnicaid.
    sinnicaid.3 timmar sedan


  • Connor Prentice
    Connor Prentice3 timmar sedan

    Chances of WINNING are really low but the Hopes are extremely High 😍😍🤩🤩 @coolest_connor

  • Sadaf Khattak
    Sadaf Khattak3 timmar sedan

    On this phone i had lost my $50 it was my dream mobile

  • Samuel T
    Samuel T3 timmar sedan

    Finger crossed @KingTGM24

  • Joe Wilson
    Joe Wilson3 timmar sedan

    Why is he filming in Batman’s hidden base?

  • ràlfiè
    ràlfiè3 timmar sedan

    NICE i like it a lot😀 this is good for camping. after AMC squeeze i'll def get this badboi a Bronco for wifey & a Mustang for my dad🤞

  • Julian Pereira
    Julian Pereira3 timmar sedan

    Currently using this keyboard right now. Love it. Does take a lot of getting used to in order to be able to touch-type on it. I'm still not up to my usual typing speed (probably because I wasn't a great typist anyways)... Anyways, its not for everyone and will be frustrating for anyone that thinks they can get it and type fast on it at the first instance. I will state that it does need to get cleaned a lot much like a smartphone or iPad screen. Oh and gamers need not get this keyboard if you are looking for that clicky action. It can be used for gaming, but it won't be brilliant at it.

  • Joan joany
    Joan joany3 timmar sedan

    Can't wait for the imask 10 r

  • TheGamingFrango
    TheGamingFrango3 timmar sedan

    Imagine getting this shoe dirty, I'd turn into a psychopath

  • Siddhant Panse
    Siddhant Panse3 timmar sedan

    Broooo the amount of blank pages in that manual litreal wasted paper

  • Geek
    Geek3 timmar sedan

    It can do 8k, do data transfer + work as Ethernet cable + charge laptop at the same time with just one cable 3 things at once! And Apple isn't the only one making expensive thunderbolt cable. It costs this much because it is expensive to make and it is world's best

  • Ethan van Staden
    Ethan van Staden3 timmar sedan

    Not gonna lie, that birds eye view is average😂like does it actually have those black out linings like it’s a cut out photo? My dads 2018 Mercedes GLA has a better birds eye view look than that.

  • Adam Kaplar
    Adam Kaplar3 timmar sedan

    I need IT @AdamKaplar

  • Harsha Vardhan
    Harsha Vardhan3 timmar sedan

    Shiny @HarshaCurious

  • Faisal Hussain
    Faisal Hussain3 timmar sedan

    Faz98rh. Good luck!

  • James Borders
    James Borders4 timmar sedan

    processing power intrigues me, battery life would be concerning to me however @Shamanese

  • Nicks Airsoft Adventures
    Nicks Airsoft Adventures4 timmar sedan

    Hello people watching this in 3 yrs

  • mohamed sallak
    mohamed sallak4 timmar sedan

    I like these phones so the greedy companies will give more stuff or decrease their pricing. Lets hope they will keep doing this and not like Xiaomi when they only did the Pocophone thing once. @m_sallak1

  • Gus Mena
    Gus Mena4 timmar sedan

    Damn, that color is siiick. @gusbus901

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das4 timmar sedan

    Wow ♥️nice 👌🏻

  • padam roka
    padam roka4 timmar sedan

    It would be better if he could jump but can he jump?

  • Ahmad Abdulrahman
    Ahmad Abdulrahman4 timmar sedan

    Hats off for latest technologies...

  • Giorgi Liqokeli
    Giorgi Liqokeli4 timmar sedan


  • shaik menhaaj
    shaik menhaaj4 timmar sedan

    Yoyoyoyo😁 @menhaaj143

  • Akash Verma
    Akash Verma4 timmar sedan

    Chance of winning is very low but let see @akkii_3023

  • SharieAlFiru
    SharieAlFiru4 timmar sedan


  • Tati Bousquet
    Tati Bousquet4 timmar sedan

    2:36 it’s called Damascus steel

  • Robert Rangiuia
    Robert Rangiuia4 timmar sedan

    I have a 20 dollar toaster that does a better job and works faster than any toaster out today.

  • The Last King
    The Last King4 timmar sedan


  • Coyley
    Coyley4 timmar sedan

    No one talking about that amazing fractal screensaver/program. Lew, what screensaver was that? I want it on my LG CX

  • Edson De la Cruz
    Edson De la Cruz4 timmar sedan

    Very good analysis, very informative, I just have a question, and I would like to know if someone comments to me and who can help me and have them, I am thinking of buying some if they fall in price, and something that I am doubting is if they will hurt me A lot with the passage of time if I use them, I have a somewhat large head, what I want to know is that, if there is someone who has them and has a big head, he recommends them, and if with the passage of time he gets used to it or if better not buy them. Oh and one other thing I forgot to mention, I wear glasses.

  • Zachary T
    Zachary T4 timmar sedan

    The perfect desk for everything but standing sadly

  • online web guru
    online web guru4 timmar sedan


  • Aslam K Nawaz
    Aslam K Nawaz4 timmar sedan


  • Mars gamer and vlogger
    Mars gamer and vlogger4 timmar sedan

    I am going to get the iPhone 12 promax for Christmas or pro I have no clue how do you say which one I like better maybe less

  • Celeb Unruly
    Celeb Unruly5 timmar sedan

    I’m a big apple fan, and I’m calling this a piece of fucking garbage…

  • Sanjeev Verma
    Sanjeev Verma5 timmar sedan

    Silence is golden.

  • Zahid Kaif
    Zahid Kaif5 timmar sedan

    Awesm dear love from pakistan🇵🇰🇵🇰🙏🙏❤️❤️🌹🌹

  • Arrigo van den Burg
    Arrigo van den Burg5 timmar sedan

    Interesting stuff. For the gadgets fan!

  • space brwni
    space brwni5 timmar sedan

    3 years later, SEblack recommendations be tweaking

  • Team Lalu sham
    Team Lalu sham5 timmar sedan

    One plus 🤩🤩

  • Pined by unbox therapy
    Pined by unbox therapy5 timmar sedan

    ... Thanks for watching you just have made such an astonishing, that got my attention text me now with this number I have something special for you. W<>H<>A<>T<>S<>A><P<> *+(1)(3)(6)(4)(7)(1)(0)(5)(4)(7)(4)* @##...

  • singlesoosh
    singlesoosh5 timmar sedan

    9 years later, still using these, and they STILL sound awesome

  • Nick Munoz
    Nick Munoz5 timmar sedan

    Losing something....... :(

  • Pete Freedom
    Pete Freedom5 timmar sedan

    PS6 will be out by the time i get my hands on a PS5