Apple Hermès "Luxury" AirTag Unboxing...

Apple does it again. Behold Apple AirTag Hermès. What a time to be alive.
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  • Zleeper Jay
    Zleeper Jay11 timmar sedan

    Come on Lewis ur late to the Hermes Game.... ur be slacking on that drip ur saying Hermes wrong by the way jejeje

  • Jax Mintenko
    Jax Mintenko11 timmar sedan

    I think Hermes is French

  • Cinnamo
    Cinnamo20 timmar sedan

    "lose your knack for losing things" but by buying your product i am losing something money

  • viviis calling
    viviis calling2 dagar sedan

    Can it work for iPhone XR?

  • Sahnoor Ahmed
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    UNLUCKY JAMAICAN3 dagar sedan

    What in the FUCK.

  • Sachin James
    Sachin James4 dagar sedan

    Just maybe when Apple car gets launched... Wheels would be sold separately...

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  • TNCR makings
    TNCR makings4 dagar sedan

    This is totally waste 😂. But nice unboxing

  • Roshan Rane
    Roshan Rane4 dagar sedan

    I wish i could smell it as well 😜

    FAB ULOUS5 dagar sedan

    hahahahaha that is the first time I have seen someone sniff a Hermés product

  • NormalHuman
    NormalHuman6 dagar sedan

    Boy oh boy. Lew needs to become a luxury unboxer. Would be peak satire and I would pay to watch it honestly XD XD Please I need more luxury prducts to be shit on by lew with the ending sound to be the theme music.

  • SnaXX
    SnaXX6 dagar sedan

    I need that orange one

  • Aliance Star lord
    Aliance Star lord6 dagar sedan

    😂 I just love it! Amazing!

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    The cumbersome toast ethnically mate because nigeria cytologically fill during a moldy door. snotty, therapeutic orchid

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    Ehh not as much as th eqs, but up there

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    The amuck lettuce congruently scare because wholesaler byerly zoom toward a wry brain. watery, quarrelsome tanzania

  • Chad Nueva
    Chad Nueva7 dagar sedan

    what the heck.... thats awesome.... i can call. it HeairTag

  • Maaz Hasnain
    Maaz Hasnain8 dagar sedan

    can anyone tell me where can i get that phone case online ?

  • Rielly Morton
    Rielly Morton9 dagar sedan

    Pronouncing it in my mind... HER•MEEEEEZE

  • Rockboy 176
    Rockboy 1769 dagar sedan

    7:25 u just turn into a coke Attic

  • Jonas
    Jonas9 dagar sedan

    What a money waste

  • Fabian St. Pinoy
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    Legend ur legendary

  • nejc prelec
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    What cas do you use for you iphone?

  • David Griffin
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    You made me laugh Lou

  • V A R U N
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    😂🤣 Apple Herpes 🍎💋

  • Bananator0
    Bananator010 dagar sedan

    If someone had one of these on their bag or keychain, i would just take the airtag.

  • Ivan Bottigelli
    Ivan Bottigelli10 dagar sedan

    but bruh we still saving the environment :/

  • Sw00t_y PrD
    Sw00t_y PrD11 dagar sedan

    Jesus Christ Is The King

  • Gucci Guilty
    Gucci Guilty11 dagar sedan

    This is a big flex

  • Laura L
    Laura L11 dagar sedan

    Lol he hasn't seen the Birkin bags

  • Ali S
    Ali S12 dagar sedan

    The way he incorrectly pronounced Hermes multiple times throughout the video gave me Aids....

  • Lady Green
    Lady Green12 dagar sedan

    This is stupid

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  • shyia andrews
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  • Ivan Rokitski
    Ivan Rokitski13 dagar sedan

    as if they haven't been making Hermes apple watches for years

  • Jogibaer
    Jogibaer13 dagar sedan

    Omg, AirTag Hermès is really another perversion of our capitalism. xD

  • xDr Evilx
    xDr Evilx13 dagar sedan

    I hate apple. So. Much.

  • bulabulabula
    bulabulabula14 dagar sedan

    bat cave!?

  • Anna Blaze ACNH
    Anna Blaze ACNH14 dagar sedan

    sell the box

  • Young Pantomath
    Young Pantomath14 dagar sedan

    Use it for 3 months and then post a pic, I want to see how luxury fades.

  • that omnic mechanic
    that omnic mechanic15 dagar sedan

    That wheezing killed me XD

  • Andy Long
    Andy Long16 dagar sedan

    How to throw your money away.

  • Andy Long
    Andy Long16 dagar sedan

    I remember when this was fun to watch.

  • Luis
    Luis16 dagar sedan

    Pronounce it better though. Its cringey 😬

  • Dan
    Dan16 dagar sedan

    He keeps saying it like “er-mez.” I think it’s pronounced “air-may.”

  • Aristote Guinde
    Aristote Guinde17 dagar sedan

    Please unbox more excentrique Hermes items

  • Maria Ramirez
    Maria Ramirez17 dagar sedan

    Stop keep looking pls the stuff you keep doing I’m Rory foor

  • Maria Ramirez
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  • Daniel Vargas
    Daniel Vargas17 dagar sedan

    Lol.. Which computer mouse is Lou rocking though?

  • Ивайло Иванов
    Ивайло Иванов17 dagar sedan

    Sheeesh, 15 minutes video for a keychain with beep sound.. 😄

  • rubebehavior
    rubebehavior18 dagar sedan

    Id be worried about people stealing the keychain and removing the air tag which is why I don't use luxury baggage cause it makes it for attractive for people to steal. Take this tip from a experienced traveler.

  • Steven Nasimba
    Steven Nasimba18 dagar sedan

    7:14 all start here... 😂😂😂😂

  • Someone
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    7:20 ...

  • Someone
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  • Devilish Destroyer
    Devilish Destroyer19 dagar sedan

    7:17 sniffing Intensifies

  • Shashidhar Prasad K R
    Shashidhar Prasad K R19 dagar sedan

    City of love

  • Mahfooz Miah
    Mahfooz Miah20 dagar sedan

    I just bought a EMP to protect myself from the air tags

  • Abdulrahman Adegbola
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  • Akhil Krishna UK
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    GJ GAMING20 dagar sedan

    Your rover dangerfield when you smell that tag

  • Chandrava Sinha
    Chandrava Sinha20 dagar sedan

    The Airtag will solely be used to stop the Hermes cover from being stolen.

  • Omsai Raut
    Omsai Raut20 dagar sedan

    Losing the keys with air tag along with $300+ leather with it

  • Andrew Barnhurst
    Andrew Barnhurst21 dag sedan

    Apple: Stupid Collab with a Brand No ones has heard of or cares about OnePlus: Literally Collabs with Mclaren...

  • Kings Ace
    Kings Ace21 dag sedan

    So this is…. Hahahaha…. Hahahaha…. a leather and with the…. Hahahah …. Hahaha …. Awesome package. The smell of the leather ….. hahahah hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Pedro Clavijo
    Pedro Clavijo21 dag sedan

    For god’s sake open the damn thing already

  • RYG
    RYG21 dag sedan

    O wonder when will Apple have an Airbag Hermes Bag

  • RYG
    RYG21 dag sedan

    It goes with your Hermes bags. I also wonder when will Apple have an Airbag Hermes Bag

  • rflx ay лол
    rflx ay лол21 dag sedan

    the hermès case costs more than the airtag itself, interesting.

  • V V
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  • Yefta Lionheart
    Yefta Lionheart22 dagar sedan

    “One for some…….. Morons” 💵🔥

  • Shuaib
    Shuaib22 dagar sedan

    I eould be afraid to loose them airtags because of the price

  • Logan Parker
    Logan Parker23 dagar sedan

    bro if you lose this and someone finds it they’re gonna sell it instead of giving it back

  • P. J.
    P. J.23 dagar sedan

    Subliminal message at min. 1:19 😂"FUCK YOU APPLE"

  • P. J.
    P. J.23 dagar sedan

    wtf is an airtag? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dan P.
    Dan P.23 dagar sedan

    what a waste of money that piece of leather is

  • MrNanda38
    MrNanda3823 dagar sedan

    what happens if i lose the air tag?

  • Tacticool
    Tacticool24 dagar sedan

    Hermès and Apple’s new airtag exclusive sound when finding your item 14:13.

  • DangJon96
    DangJon9624 dagar sedan

    Not gonna lie this review had me cracking up 😂

  • Rylen Left the chat
    Rylen Left the chat24 dagar sedan

    Unbox therapy be getting high out of leather

  • Mike
    Mike25 dagar sedan

    "This is the company that's saving the environment every 5 minutes." Oh man, you just bodied those fools.

  • KP of PC
    KP of PC25 dagar sedan

    Fucking love you funny as heck

  • AB
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  • Mold-Monkey
    Mold-Monkey25 dagar sedan

    What’s going on with Will’s neck?

  • Beast
    Beast25 dagar sedan

    Never knew they put Cocain on leather 7:20

  • Meesam Jaffry
    Meesam Jaffry25 dagar sedan

    When I saw title of the video I thought of manny khobish, because manny has a bunch cars that are designed by herme’s

  • KingNai HC
    KingNai HC26 dagar sedan

    Is that a green screen

  • Navarrio Wilkerson
    Navarrio Wilkerson26 dagar sedan

    Not saying I would, definitely not saying I wouldn’t buy one. Companies like Hermès and Cartier give next level attention to detail and experience. Also, pronounced “air-mez”. Great video though.

  • Larry Fuentes
    Larry Fuentes26 dagar sedan

    3:17 - 3:26 That epic echo.

  • _jay Brian_
    _jay Brian_26 dagar sedan

    Couldn’t tell if this was a genuine reaction or a sarcastic reaction throughout

  • _jay Brian_
    _jay Brian_26 dagar sedan

    When he said It’s so unnecessary 😂😂

  • Emil Momsen
    Emil Momsen26 dagar sedan

    The most stupid thing i have EVER seen ...

  • Jim Chan
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  • Solvail
    Solvail27 dagar sedan

    07:18 we GOT COVID RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alain Pfaeffli
    Alain Pfaeffli29 dagar sedan

    Airtags with air-mezz

  • Jestin Johny vlogs
    Jestin Johny vlogsMånad sedan

    Dear brother can you give me iPhone 12 pro

  • Elie
    ElieMånad sedan

    Lew. You're Canadian. You must talk some French 🌹

  • Gavin Stephens
    Gavin StephensMånad sedan

    2.9K dislikes from spoiled brats using daddy’s money that shop at Hermes all the time