Vivo X60 Pro Plus - Camera Like No Other...

Vivo just launched the new X60 Pro and X60 Pro+ smartphones. These smartphones feature gimbal technology and a camera partnership with Zeiss. Sponsored by Vivo.
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  • La Sirena Varada

    La Sirena Varada

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    thanks for the video! I need it but I can't find it to buy😩😩😩💔

  • Estela Marie Mercado

    Estela Marie Mercado

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    I hope i'm one of the lucky winners cause i don't have a phone, i'm just borrowing my mom phone

  • Saffron Manzo

    Saffron Manzo

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    oh... only in my dreams. Can you please make it real? 😊😘

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    Please Give Me



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    Great cam❤️

  • Austin Crown
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    I would go for the x60 pro plus

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  • Jr Laidra
    Jr Laidra3 dagar sedan

    I wonder if they bought the taycan but never drove around with it

  • Arinrada Rukchobthum
    Arinrada Rukchobthum4 dagar sedan

    front camera is auto focus?

  • Коро Чан
    Коро Чан5 dagar sedan

    One thing Vivo have - No other brand has - is automatic call recordings. ;)

  • Roll Troll
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    Hey man can you go back to the old format?

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    one of this babies is mine

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    any bharathiyas??

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    New subscribe 😁

  • Meor Azhad Meor Zulkarnain
    Meor Azhad Meor Zulkarnain9 dagar sedan

    why are some country not getting the pro plus model ?????????

  • Peter Edward Escaño
    Peter Edward Escaño10 dagar sedan

    Ughhh I really need this kind of phone but it's ok cause atleast I have my own phone.

  • Ghulam Rasool
    Ghulam Rasool10 dagar sedan

    @ghulamrasool06 hope will win this!

    RGBOY11 dagar sedan

    ok i buy

    PETER JOHN D. RAMIREZ11 dagar sedan

    I tweet all i can so pls... Let me win this time pls

  • Charly Carino
    Charly Carino13 dagar sedan

    I would love to get the X60 pro plus🥰

  • bad time
    bad time14 dagar sedan

    I like the pro plus but its not available in Edmonton Canada. But do you think the x60 pro okay? I need new phone but not that expensive budget below 1k Cad.

  • Priyan Subramanian
    Priyan Subramanian17 dagar sedan

    I like the Shimmer Blue variant.

  • Leone Cipriani
    Leone Cipriani18 dagar sedan

    Why not the one with Exynos 1080

  • Vimal Meena
    Vimal Meena18 dagar sedan

    I'm watching videos from 2009, when will I get the first phone from giveaways.

  • Genesis International
    Genesis International19 dagar sedan

    like the heavy bass jazz music whn the slo mo starts... what track is that ???

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    X60 pro plus😍❤️

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    Me ✋

  • Victor Terminator
    Victor Terminator22 dagar sedan

    Vivo is good.

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    New subscriber from PHILIPPINES i like your content. More videos Goodluck and Godbless.

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    Is it Global Version or China?

  • santiago bodota
    santiago bodota24 dagar sedan

    im almost 5 years watching this channel and im always satisfy everytime i watch

  • Ninja Dad
    Ninja Dad25 dagar sedan

    The cameras in these are off the charts... I got a new iPhone for video for SEblack... I think I might see about getting this as my main camera for now, before it’s making money and use the new iPhone different angles. Really nice

  • Diwakar Bhatt
    Diwakar Bhatt25 dagar sedan

    Dream Phone♥️ but.....! 🇳🇵

  • Austin S.
    Austin S.25 dagar sedan

    Where can I purchase this??

  • Cole
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    Can I have this device on T-Mobile?

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    Can someone give me this kind of phone.. my dream phone😔😔😔🙏🙏

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    Can i have that x60? That's my dream phone😭

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  • t-rex 17
    t-rex 1729 dagar sedan

    Hi. I found there diffrent between x60 pro. And other x60 pro i seen at youtube. Some of them(x60 pro) has zeiss logo at bottom and have 8mp periscope. Whlie other x60 pro same as you shown only have 3 camera at back. & zeiss logo at top.. Can yku comment please

  • Talha Siddiqui
    Talha Siddiqui29 dagar sedan

    Vivo x60pro+ have professional photography cameras

  • Rafael Valentin
    Rafael ValentinMånad sedan

    The guiltless graphic methodologically stay because ethernet practically haunt beneath a purple grain. supreme, muddled font

  • A4RON
    A4RONMånad sedan

    Woah the thumbnail moved

  • Gamal Kawy
    Gamal KawyMånad sedan

    Pls make a camera comparison review for samsung s21 vs this pro plus version

  • Ryan David Afable
    Ryan David AfableMånad sedan

    makes my current smartphone feels like its from 10years ago.

  • Nicole
    NicoleMånad sedan

    Does the phone works in the USA?

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  • Alimin Husni
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    Love this new technique of video. Nice music and more relaxed commentary. Oh wow..

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    Thanks i hate those moving cameras

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    My dream phone😥,, i wish i have one,😣

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    Anyone knows where can I buy this?

  • Seamless Saint
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    What is the difference between x60 vs x60pro?

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    Im always watching to your channel sir 😇 from Philippines 💕💕

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    Vivo phone can't be root:(

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    The phone looks nice.

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    Wowe ❤️

  • Saharudin Abo
    Saharudin AboMånad sedan

    I like it, amazing ... I go for vivo X60 pro plus... i hope i can have one in my dreams. 😅

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    wow!!! nice review!!

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    This is my most favorite review vid so far. The opening is 👍👍👍

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    I wish i was the one who can get this kind of cp😞

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    the future is getting close

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    does anyone know when this phone will be available in europe?

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    Id love to have the x60plus pro

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    i go for the x60 pro plus... i hope a filipino guy like me will be able to get a chance to win on your giveaways... great reviews always, keep it up bro

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    iam abig fan for u bro @RamadanMahswb

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    X60 Pro Plus

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    Twitter account :- @Abbasbhinderwa3

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  • kr
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    Basically a Samsung S8 + S9 and a Zeiss camera lens

  • Justin _that_one_dude
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    I been eyeing this company for a while :( this one caught my eyes. Yet due to money problems and no income I am left using a bogus ass iPhone 7 with limited functions and can’t do way I actually want to do. Someone help me get this phone into my hands 🥲🥲🥲🥳🥳

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    I think the Pro version also has Gimbal stabilization 2.0.

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    Is the 50mm telephoto stabilized in any way or doesn't say anything on the specs

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