Receiving a HUGE Mystery Package Full of Tech...

Nothing like receiving a giant mystery box full of tech.
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    Twitter : @agaxtya

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    Marc Askat3 dagar sedan

    Why do you avoid calling with the earbuds ? they sucks ?

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    YOUR FACTY BRO5 dagar sedan

    Hello mota

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    Anker is doing good work.. @jinjalaharesh8

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    17-566 Haroon Rasheed10 dagar sedan

    I need the office Twitter id:- @harooneyrasheed

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    Done I need i phone 12 pro max gold (512gb)

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    @ravibhusal08 on twitter

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    Morena Singo19 dagar sedan

    Lew or literally anyone,mind telling me what the name of the song at 14:41 is?🥺🥺 Twitter:@JustOzzyAgain. Insta:@justozzythistime.

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  • Joshua's Stuff!
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    Anker also makes great dash cams!

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    @NenetBaccay 😊🙏

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    Lew happy with a mexican music hit makes me happy 😎 Salud amigo 🇲🇽🤍🇨🇦

  • Dawid Ir
    Dawid Ir22 dagar sedan

    Recently Anker provided me with a refund of half of the price of the product which turned out to be faulty.. It was quite a bitter sweet victory to me, but at least I still have half good and half bucks of the product. Painfull complaint process is what they said and proposed that solution - shipping, complaint verification etc. Now I know why they didn't want to send me working device after my complaint! They sent it to LEW!

  • Vaseem Shaikh
    Vaseem Shaikh23 dagar sedan

    I wood lik to win this box and i like your videos here is my twitter hamdle-@VaseemS12531254

  • 17-566 Haroon Rasheed
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  • Krishna Srivatsa
    Krishna Srivatsa23 dagar sedan

    why you need all this just get imac m1 and a desk........

  • 17-566 Haroon Rasheed
    17-566 Haroon Rasheed24 dagar sedan

    The office @harooneyrasheed

  • 17-566 Haroon Rasheed
    17-566 Haroon Rasheed24 dagar sedan

    Need a office @harooneyrasheed

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    Petition to MARK LEW as The CEU

  • Innocent Killer
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    The room is similar to batsman secret place

  • 17-566 Haroon Rasheed
    17-566 Haroon Rasheed25 dagar sedan

    New desk Twitter id :- @harooneyrasheed

  • Mr Mobodies
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    Anker seems to make good thick cables and i never had one fail on me yet but I do look after them.

  • Raúl ignacio
    Raúl ignacio26 dagar sedan

    I really whant to know the brand of that basic hoodie looks soo good ;3

  • 17-566 Haroon Rasheed
    17-566 Haroon Rasheed26 dagar sedan

    Office office Twitter id :- @harooneyrasheed

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    I'm really surprised that Anker is so versatile

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    Office in a box😎 @harooneyrasheed

  • 17-566 Haroon Rasheed
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    twitter id:- @harooneyrasheed

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    OMG thank you so much

  • Ryan Delaney (The Urban Creator)
    Ryan Delaney (The Urban Creator)Månad sedan

    It was almost ruined when Anker misspelled the word "Employee" on the contract lol

  • DeadHead_YT
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    Can I have one plz

  • DeadHead_YT


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    what do i do

  • DeadHead_YT


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    @sSüpër RÇ what does that mean

  • DeadHead_YT


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    @sSüpër RÇ OMG thank you so much

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    sSüpër RÇ

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    *congratulations' are among shortlist winners* *+

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    I love the underwear. I want it. OFFICE in a Box. Twitter @DominatorShiva

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  • Danilo Zé
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    So much paper, box, and plastic. What a waste

  • Ruben Renteria
    Ruben RenteriaMånad sedan

    L listening to Gera Mx is a W for the mexican culture

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge PerezMånad sedan

    He listened to Gera Mx. Lol homeboy it's a sad song lol

  • Hunter
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    That would make a work from home come true for me😂. @Rkashyapati

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    I’m just here for the puppy. Lol

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  • Disaster
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    this is one of the greatest unboxing i have watched from you! @WendyShyan030

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    I am in... All are cool tech..@kamalkv7

  • M Rijal Al Fariz
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    everytime I whatch the vids: "oh I never actually owned one of those"

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    Bhai ye delhi chandani chowk par 6000 ki bikati hai lena ho bata dena

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    Nice package- @Naneiy1

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    A musician 12U rack used for PC parts and electronics …

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    Idk bout anybody else but I can watch that cradle all day it’s so soothing

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    a desk in a box

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    Twitter- agarwalanuj829

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    Lou.... you should have set up the ultima desk ON the included anchor desk!

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    @Ajay Rai31058627 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏

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    Can you show us your dogs?!😊

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    I want me to get this 🥲

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    One of the best consumer gadget company in the world @ajitrchavan

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    Office in my room😂 Twitter:: @KumarsonShrest1

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    @MuhammedHazim4 is waiting for this a from homee.. 😍😍

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    wow, Twt and Inst id- azimflip

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    +1000 for Technology Variety Pack @AlfredRMariano

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    C'mon Lew, where's the love for Africa? Appreciate your contents😉😉

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    I'm obsessed with the case everything came in. It would be perfect for my photo gear for location shoots!!

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    Song at 14:42 ?

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    Hii I want a bager

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    my twitter handle:@VemuriMokshith

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    I want that big ass box on wheels more than anything. If you asked me I can only have one thing I'd say "Gimme the box"

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    You didn’t use the desk 🤯 !!!! 😜

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    2:50 lew was getting hypnotised? 😂😂

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    They're calling anything AI nowadays

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    Hope to Win🤞 @rkr1315

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    They should've also included a laptop

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    @Sushant63966815 man that's huge

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    @moge_akshay Great sir..

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